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A new approach to crowdsourcing the story

Yesterday I got an interesting tweet from @NBCElectionDay telling me that I was a piece of art and had been added to an Election Day mosaic.

Of course, a tweet like that got get my attention. But, it was the information behind the tweet that really intrigued me. What was this mosaic and what did I have to do with it?

NBCElectionDay Election Day MosaicWell, as it turns out, there is a company called Hashtag Art that allows users to submit an image, designate a Twitter hashtag and it will capture people’s Twitter avatars to create a mosaic, complete with tweets containing the hashtag.

NBC News’ use of this system is really cool. What better way to discuss the election than capturing what more than 4,000 everyday Americans are saying in a really cool format?

One major downfall is that they are still adding tweets to the mosaic. Based on the account’s Twitter stream, the majority of the avatars have been added in the days after the election. While this does create a cool, lasting depiction of the election, I think it could be even more useful in real time.