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Expand your skill sets, try new things

With the media landscape constantly changing, no one can afford to standstill. Waiting too long to adapt to a new technology, technique or delivery method could lead to members of the community going elsewhere for their news.

Attend conferences

One of the best way to stay up-to-date on the changes in the industry is to attend conferences with your peers.

Last week I went to Louisville, Ky. for the National College Media Convention. This is the premiere convention for student journalists and their advisers.

Finding out what your peers are doing is a great way to expose yourself to new ideas and techniques. While in Louisville, I met student journalists from across the nation. I picked up a few ideas from people and helped share my knowledge with others. Where else can you critique newspapers over cereal at midnight,  spend five minutes geeking out about em-dashes or lead a discussion on how to utilize social media? Continue reading