An Introduction

I finally did it. I made the decision to start a blog. While I am unsure of what direction to go in, I think the best place to start is with an introduction, so here it goes.

I’m Brian Smith and I am currently a sophomore at Iowa State University and in the Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication. I work for the Iowa State Daily, the independent student newspaper of Iowa State, as a design chief and copy editor. My passion is design, but I’m learning to enjoy the copy editing.

I found my way to journalism in middle school and spent 6th-8th grades on the staff of my school paper. I quickly let the idea fade and didn’t give it much more thought, as I had my heart set on becoming a lawyer. During high school, I began to realize that law wasn’t for me, but didn’t really know what else to do. As senior year approached, I had an opening in my schedule. I decided to add the publications class and give it another try.

When I joined the publications class, I was asked about becoming an editor. As quickly as I decided to join, I was now the center spread editor for the newspaper and a design editor for the yearbook. I feel in love. The thrill of starting with a blank page and in the end producing something useful for the readers got me hooked.

As the world of journalism changes around me I often wonder if I’m on the right path. I know what I want to spend the rest of my life doing, but will there be any jobs left in newspapers? I’m taking steps to make sure that I am as diversified as possible and hopefully the answer will be yes. Hopefully my experiences blogging, learning the various social media platforms, designing, copy editing and even writing an occasional article will help secure me a place in the journalism community.

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